Hot water heaters with storage TWH 


Sanitary hot water with storage: Boilers on gas with a high volume for the preparation of sanitary hot water, household water and water for thermal and technological processes. 


Operating principle for Tank Water Heaters:


The system is composed of a premix burner modulator, a stainless steel, heat exchanger with three roads and container storage/hot water storage. The premix burner (7) does the combustion and transfers the heat evenly mainly through radiation in the main tube (8). The flue gases are collected and are passed through the first beam of tubes (9), it transfers the convective heat, after which they are collected and passed through a second beam of tubes (10) related to the recovery and  condensation zone. These are collected and forcefully evacuated outside through a chimney (11). Water is heated until it reaches the accorded temperature and supplied according to the needs of consumers. The cold water that is to be heated is introduced under the pressure of max 6 bar through the cold water connection (4) which is positioned in the bottom of the container and replaces the quantity of the hot water, which exits through the hot water connection (2), which is placed at the superior side of the container for easy access. The container in use is continuously filled with water under the pressure of max. 6 bar. The air that gets in the container for various reasons is eliminated automatically by activating the vent valve (1). If the container is emptied through the drain outlet (5) valve on  the the cold water supplying pipe is closed (4), and the venting valve (1) permits the entrance of atmospheric air to replace the missing water, to avoid the formation of vaccuum within the container.

Uses for tank water heaters:


 The sanitary hot water heaters with storage are used to provide hot water with sanitary purposes for:

  - hot water for showers and wash basins for social work groups in industry, hostels, restaurants and anywhere 
    where a high flow of hot water is needed for a relatively short period of time;
  - various washing and cleaning processes;
  - technological processes



-    High efficiency condensing due to condensation
-    Stainless steel heat exchanger with high reliability
-    Large volume of hot water preparation with central heating and decentralized heat distribution
-    Enables installation outside, does not require a special room
-    No chimney necessary 
-    Protection against Legionella bacteria growth
-    Operational safety
-    The opportunity to work up to 90 ° C
-    Magnesium anode mounted on the boiler body ensures effective corrosion protection and prolongs the life of the boiler.

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