Sanitary water heating solutions




With the considerable increase in prices of basic fuels, it must come as a priority the reduction of energy consumption.
Heat power decentralization is an advantageous solution which requires that for sanitary hot water to have identified the optimal solutions for every costumer in part (locker rooms with showers and toilets) or, as applicable, for such customer groups. 
Hot water consumption is not continuous, but it’s very high at the end of each shift when working personnel wash.




Hot water accumulation requires large amount depending on the number of people who use hot water for washing. Water heating can be made through heat transfer with the help of heat exchangers. If giving up on steam as thermal agent, the primary alternative agent is generated by a hot water boiler. Basically, it requires the construction of a thermal power plant to serve only for sanitary hot water.
Sizing the boiler and heat exchangers must be made so that the heating time on the water in the container is as short as possible.

Generating heat for administrative spaces, in combination with hot water is not advantageous because the heat for hot water is much different from that for space heating.



-    The investment costs for the construction of thermal power plants are great
-    It is necessary the dismissal of an adequate space for placing the boiler




For hot water heating, use our innovative equipment:

Hot water preparation storage

Instant hot water preparation




     -    It does not require boiler related facilities: boiler pump, expansion tank, chimney, etc.
     -    Equipment installation can be made outside, so there is no need to make additional spaces
     -    Chimney is not required
     -    Increased energy efficiency due to increased energy condensing heat exchanger
     -    Reduced investment value 



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