Radiation heating solutions


Various technological processes require the heating of processed materials. In the heating process, there are usually three modes of transfer, but in each case, depending on the method of heating used and the construction of the plant, generally only one way to transfer heat is used, the other two participating in a lesser extent.


In case of heat transmission by conduction and convection, the heating of the bodies depend on the temperature difference between the heat source and the body. As the body warms up, the rate of the temperature rise decreases, this decrease is even more pronounced as the bigger the temperature difference between the body and the environment shrinks.
     -    The objects which are subject to convective warming, cannot exceed the ambient temperature.
     -    Heating by convection is done slowly.
     -    Heat losses are significant, fluids being heated in a dispersed way, influence the walls of the enclosure in which the heating is made.
     -    Controlling the temperature is achieved with difficulty, there is unevenness in the enclosure, stratifications.




     -    Low productivity
     -    High energy consumption
     -    Large-size complex installations
     -    The possibility of thermal degradation of the heated material




1. Read up on the following sources:


Comparison between heating through convection and heating through radiation 


2.  Use local heating through radiation sources, specific for each application


Radiant tubes

Radiant burners

Radiant panels

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     -    In the case of heating through radiation the energy transmitted is independent of the body temperature that is heated, the heating speed is stopped only from the possible cooling effect of convection currents around the body, or the reflectivity or deletion of a part of energy by the body.
     -    Heating by radiation can lead to elevated temperatures well above the ambient bodies, depending on the source of the radiation and distance, it can reach temperatures of 300-350 degrees. C.
     -    Exposed heating bodies to radiation is done very quickly, radiant energy arises immediately after commissioning of the source of radiation
     -    Heat loss is reduced, electromagnetic radiation don’t heat up the ambient nature and they are directed in the form of a beam upon the body that is to be heated.

     -    Heating by radiation with our sources allows a continuous and precise temperature control

a.    By contract, it ensures technical and economic performance 
b.    Energetic efficiency
c.    Improvement of technological processes


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