Radiants with metallic fiber MFRH

Radianti cu tesatura metalica

Operating principle of Metal Fiber Radiant Heaters: 

  The PremixEngine module, a key component of the equipment, it is designed to premix in-take air (pumped in with a special fan with variable speeds) with gas (introduced through a multifunctional valve).
  The system is kept under control by a command and flame control unit. The fuel mixture is circulated in the stainless steel tube and distributed to the MFBs (Metal Fiber Burners). Here the surface combustion takes place in a radiant regime.
  The reflector focuses and directs infrared rays in the direction required by the user.
  The burner is modulated, this lets the consumer adjust the power of the burners to his requirements. The system can also be controlled by a thermostat and set at the desired maximum radiation intensity.


Areas of use of the MFRH:


Metal Fiber Radiants are used for local and focused heating. On isolated workstations / areas, For heating equipments which need a minimum temperature to operate properly, for workshops, production plants, construction sites, terraces, exhibitions, churches, livestock farms, etc.


Advantages of the MFRH:


  By using Metal Fiber Radiant Heaters we eliminate the disadvantages of ceramic panel heating systems and highlights other advantages, such as: 
  - efficient zonal heating by focusing radiation 
  - adjustable maximum radiation intensity according to user requirement
  - modulated operation
  - continuous adaptation of emitted heat to heat demand
  - maintenance of comfort parameters without disturbing fluctuations and shocks
  - combustion air can either be filtered or taken from the outside 
  - high durability, resistance to dust and moisture
  - safety in operation
  - perfect and clean combustion, without release of pollutants (CO, NOX)

Radianti cu tesatura metalica

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