INFRA Radiant tubes

Tuburi radiante
Tuburi radiante

INFRA Radiant Tubes: heating equipment with infrared radiation and black waves for industrial halls, workshops, etc.


Operating principles of the INFRA Radiant Tube Heater:

  The radiant tube itself is heated by a burner, to 250 C° in the exhaust area, and all the way up to 550 C° around the burner.
  The reflector panel has the role of directing radiation onto the work area.
  The exhaust fan has two roles. One is to forcibly discharge the flue gases, and two, to improve heat transfer by increasing gas velocity in the tube.
  Depending on the power of the installed INFRA tubes and their installation height, different radiation intensities can be achieved.
  Heat transfer is made both directly, onto the staff and the objects below as well as indirectly, through convection.
  Objects heated through radiation also heat the air around them.


Areas of use for the INFRA Radiant Tube Heater:


Industrial halls, production plants, foundries, mechanical workshops, warehouses, loading ramps, assembly and packaging, etc..



Pig farms, dairy and veal farms, stables and arenas, chicken farms, slaughterhouses, fish hatcheries, maintenance workshops and agricultural farms, warehouses and garages , greenhouses, etc.



Fire-stations , aircraft hangars, garages for trucks, bus stations, waiting rooms, train stations, platforms, train depots, subway stations, bus stations, garages, auto repair shops, car washes, car part shops, restaurants, markets, theaters and exhibit halls, churches, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, outdoor areas (gardens, terraces, ...), etc..


Advantages of Radiant Tube Heaters over conventional Hot air heating and classic Ceramic Panel heating systems:

  - high efficiency;
  - air is heated directly in a very small percentage, and indirectly by convection from bodies heated by radiation;
  - direct thermal radiation heats the work area;
  - ensure thermal comfort at lower air temperatures by 2 – 4 C°;
  - lack of air currents reduce dust and sediment drive;
  - heat is evenly distributed over the entire area of effect;
  - combustion air can be taken in from the outside, so indoor dust and moisture will not affect the combustion;
  - does not require any mechanical ventilation to dilute pollutants ;
  - combustion is done inside the tube, thus keeping the radiant tube temperature low ;
  - the waste gases are eliminated to the outside through an exhaust.


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Tuburi radiante