Radiant and convective tubes:

Tuburi radiante si convective
Tuburi radiante si convective
Tuburi radiante si convective
Tuburi radiante si convective

Operating principle of the radiant and convective tube:


A modulated PremixEngine burner performs the combustion inside the furnace. This represents the 1st convective heat exchanger.
  The hot flue gases, resulted from the combustions pass through the tube, thus creating the radiant heat exchanger.
  The gases then enter a 2nd convective heat exchanger, this one also has an economizer and condenser role.  
  After that the flue gases are forcibly evacuated through an exhaust.


The Axial fan above the convective heat exchangers circulates air around the two chambers, Thus, heated air is directed down onto the work area. The fan also serves as an air destratifier and can operate without actually generating any heat.


  The system basically consists of:
      - Hot air generator;
      - Radiant tube;
      - Air destratifier .

The TURBO uses modulation (allowing heat emission adjustments based on the heat requirement), condensation (recovering heat from flue gases) and meets all the needs in assuring thermal comfort conditions with higher energy efficiency than any other heating system.


Areas of use for the TURBO Radiant and Convectiv Tube:



Industrial halls, production plants, foundries, mechanical workshops, warehouses, loading ramps, assembly and packaging, etc..



Pig farms, cow and calve farms, kennels, stables and arenas, chicken farms, slaughterhouses, fish hatcheries, maintenance workshops and agricultural farms, warehouses and garages, greenhouses, etc.



Fire stations, aircraft hangars, garages for trucks, bus stations, waiting rooms, platforms, train depots, subway stations, garages, auto repair shops, car washes, auto shops, restaurants, markets, theaters and exhibition halls, churches, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, outdoor areas (gardens, terraces, ...), etc..

Advantages of the TURBO Radiant and Convection Tube:

  It basically combines the advantages of both heating methods (hot air and radiation), largely eliminating their disadvantages and highlighting the following:

  - high energy efficiency, by recovering heat from the flue gases in the condensation chamber
  - ensuring rapid increase and preservation of both, air and radiated heat temperature
  - ensuring an efficient air homogenisation
  - enabling an efficient local and/or general heating
  - ensuring uniform heating of large areas
  - adjustable radiation intensity according to user requirements
  - adjustable air temperature according to user requirements
  - modulated operation
  - continuous adaptation of released heat, to heat demand
  - maintaining comfort parameters without disturbing fluctuations and shocks
  - safety in operation
  - perfect and clean combustion, without release of pollutants (CO, NOX)



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