Instant hot water heater TLWH 

The functioning principles of the instant hot water heater:


The system is composed out of a premix burner with modulation, with a three way heat exchanger made out of stainless steel and a container.

The premix burner creates the combustion and transfers the heat evenly, predominantly throught radiation through the main pipe. Flue gases are collected and go through the first set of pipes, transfers heat predominantly convectively, after which they are collected and they go through a second pipe afferent for the recuperation and condensation zone. These are collected and forcefully evacuated into the exterior.

Water is heated until it reaches the preset temperature, depending on the consumers needs. Cold water is introduced through the inferior side of the container. Hot water is pumped through the superior side of the container.

Areas of use for instant hot water heaters:


- hot water heatters for large groups who use showers and bathrooms while working in industrial branches, for hotels, pensions, etc., where a large flow of hot water is a needed for a short period of time;

- diverse hygenic washes

- technological neccessities


Advantages of using instant hot water heaters:


- high efficiency thanks to the functioning in condensation regime;

- heat exchanger made out of stainless steel with a high reliability;

- preparation of instant hot water, decentralized, without central heating and heat distribution;

- it doesn't require a chimney;

- security in exploitation;

- the possibility of working to the temperature of 90 degrees.

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