Hot air heating solutions


 Various processes require heating of the processed material. Usually, in the heating process all three modes of heat transfer take place, although in each particular case, depending on the used heating method and the construction of the plant, generally, only one way to transfer hear is used, the other two participating in a lesser extent.



     Heating by radiation is often advantageous but there is a tendency of technicians to operate the heating system in areas that do not meet the essential conditions required:
       -    Radiation must go directly to the treated subject with an incidence as close to normal, it can not radiate simultaneously two layers of different materials.
       -    Heating with radiation of large parts is uneconomical, it is done with a low yield
       -    Simultaneous treatment of different materials in terms of composition, thickness, thermal conductivity, absorption factor etc.
       -    The need to achieve higher temperatures greater than 350°C

     Hot air heating requires keeping under control the rate of heating or as the case is, the cooling, of temperature and the uniformity. The temperature gradient in the material leads to an uneven contraction of the material. In this case, the upper layers will be subjected to stretching, and the inferior one to compression in the initial phase and vice versa in the final one. The tensions that arise in the process of heating of the material, become even greater when accelerating the heating and the material begins to degrade, develops pores, cracks, splits etc.


      -    It’s ineffective and uneconomical in the case with heating with radiation 
      -    Thermal degradation risks of the treated material



      - Use hot air sources, specific to each process
      - Hot air generators



       -    Heating of large-sized parts with intricate shapes
       -    Achieving temperatures higher than 350°C, especially for direct heating with combustion gases
       -    High speed air circulation gives an intense heat transfer
       -    Variable speed setting of the fan allows convenient flow of hot air
       -    Modulating burners allow power setting, the rate of heating and maintaining the prescribed temperature of the hot air to minimize the risk of thermal degradation of the material
       -    Available high pressure hot air allows the use of small diameters pipelines and high-speed hot air with convective heat transfer with significant improvement
       -    Ensuring technical and economical performance according to contract
       -    Energetic efficiency
       -    Improvement of technological processes

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