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Pressure vessels - close enclosures, designed and manufactured to contain pressure fluids, including all the fixed components limited to binding devices to other equipment.


Pressure equipment - vessels, pipes, security accessories and other pressure accessories. Pressure equipment include, as the case, fix elements on the pressure required parts, such as flanges, pipe fittings, muffs, supporting elements, lifting hook and other such components. 


Pressure equipment include a wide range of products such as: reactors, pressure storage tanks, heat exchangers etc. Thus the equipment are used on a large scale in the chemical industry, petrochemical, biochemical, food processing, refrigerating, energetical etc. 

Pressure vessels are generally made out of carbon steel or steel alloy. 

A pressure vessel, in the most general case, is built from: 

   - the actual container consisting of: the encasing, the bottom (caps), inflation manifold, the draining connection, the manhole, the connection for the manometer, the connection for the safety valve, the connection for the level indicator, the support system etc.

   - mandatory equipment consisting out of: safety valve, manometer (eventual thermometer), level indicator, the stamp plate

   - the interior equipment imposed by the technological reasons and which is encountered in the intended recipients with a special destination (eg. the baffle in fractional columns) and which does not have any special mechanical calculations

   - service buildings )generally metallic) to maintain the optimal exploitation and maintenance conditions of the vessel composed out of platforms, stairs, elevating mechanisms etc.
   - The cylindrical casing of the vessels is generally made out of welded metal ring head screws

The metal rings are made by laminating, of a minimal number of sheets, the width of the sheets must correspond to the standard sheet metal widths (exception makes the closing metal ring).


The vessel bottoms are executed, generally, through hot cupping (pressing), having different geometrical shapes, made out of a single metal sheet (when the diameter is within the standardized sheet width), or two or more pieces. 


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