Conveyorized drying tunnels, polymarization

The operating for drying tunels, polymerization through radiation:


The components which are subjected to drying/polymerezing in the dryer with preset heat, is in principal, given by the painting capacity of the equipment. Heating created for drying is created through radiation with radiant burners with metallic fiber positioned horizontally. The oven configuration is created depending on the component configuration.


Areas of use for drying tunnels, polymerization through radiation:


Surface treatments, painting; 

- drying after surface treatment

- preheating and drying before painting

- drying/polymarization after drying with liquid paint

- drying/polymarization after drying in electrostatic field with liquid paint or with powder based coating

- additional power for productivity increase of the convection ovens


- metal components

- panels of wood or MDF


Advantages of drying tunnels, polymarization through radiation: 

- having the possibility of setting the intensity of the radiation and of the drying temperature and makes this 

- the possibility of setting the intensity of the radiation and of the drying temperature makes this adaptable for different advancement speeds.

- rising temperature on the surface of the material is made rapidly

- shorter oven length compared to heating through convection

- the heating process begins on the surface of the component towards the exterior of the film, fact that permits the continuous evaporation of the solvents in the paint, thus reducing the danger that can appear in the drying through convection process, when because of the drying from the exterior of the film towards the interior, a crust is sometimes formed which prevents the exit of the solvent and degrades the final aspect of the film through bumps, craters, fissures etc.

- superior energetic efficiency

- volatile organic components, solvents, alcohols and many other chemical pollutants are decomposed at a molecular level and transformed for most part into water vapor (H2O) and carbon monoxide (CO2), immediately the get in contact with the surface of the radiant.

- the possibility of recuperating the heat from the flue gases and then using it in convection preheating of the components before entering the painting cabin.

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