Cast aluminum components

Applicable technologies:


- mold casting in sand

- mold casting in metallic shells

Technological process 


- product manufacturing and technological design

- traditional modeling or using 3D printing technology

- traditional shaping / milling or using 3D printing technology

- molding and casting in sand or shell shapes

- finishing

- mechanical processing

- control

- mounting


Plus-value added by:


1. Using 3D printing technology

- creating plastic models using FDM technology

- creating shapes and sand cores by using SLA technology

2. 3D scanning and measuring scanned product

- identifying the technological process in the manufacturing of the scanned product to replicate or repair this

- confirming that the scanned product corresponds to the dimensional requirements of the project, identification and qualification of non conformities.


- Allows the manufacturing of products which implies traditional technologies which are expensive

- 100% accuracy in creating the 3D printing of the product which has at its base CAD files 

-  Material and energy efficiency

- The manufacturing of models, shapes and cores is made in packages with the creation of castings

- It may be cost-effective to cast single or small series of products

- Making models, shapes and cores fast, making the manufacturing process very short


The advantages of sand patterns using 3D printing technology:

- casting dimensions up to 4x2x1 m

- allows the realization of complex forms at acceptable costs

- reduced manufacturing time

- the pattern is done properly with the CAD drawing without any nonconformities

- surface qualities are obtained based on the sand used

- good pattern permeability

- doesn't require forming frames which need to be maintained or stored

- substantial cost reduction especially for few hundred pieces

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