Benefits to USERS


- The beneficiary intends to invest in the heating system and has a choice of how to work with the Designer, Equipment Provider and Work Executor

- The beneficiary has defined the design theme.



- The beneficiary enters into a contractual relation with several Specialized Suppliers and Executors for the realization of certain parts of the project for which they have the necessary qualification:

 - The beneficiary coordinates and tracks the work on the site;
 - The beneficiary ensures the technical documentation of the project;
 - The Beneficiary contracts the design but fails to formulate the requirements precisely, leaving the Designer and Executor considerable freedom of action.


- Responsibilities are shared; 

- The Executor is not sufficiently controlled by the Beneficiary, may use expensive materials of poor quality; 

- The Beneficiary realizes with delay that what life is not in line with its needs;

- The need for long-term documentation;

- Employing experienced personnel in the field of industrial heating;

- The designer is tempted to execute expensive projects;

- In projects, they may develop megalomania tendencies, or, incompletely, in the absence of sufficient documentation, ineffective solutions.


Solutions and benefits

A) Turnkey delivery:

     The Contractor undertakes by contract to provide Beneficiary with the objective of the investment ready for operation as well as a series of additional services (specialized technical assistance, adjustment and commissioning, operation staff training, service during the warranty period and post warranty, tracking in operation). 

B) Turnkey delivery with performance guarantee:

      This requires the Supplier / Executor to carry out all design phases based on technical and economical studies that have as their primary objective the maximization of the Final Benefits.

      Analyzing the proposed variants together with the Beneficiary can lead to the safety of an optimal choice, and the guarantee of obtaining the expected benefits lies with the Designer, respectively the Provider / Executor.

      In the execution phase, it will ensure the accomplishment of all the works at the quantitative and qualitative parameters, will ensure the necessary utilities for the normal operation of the objective, will give guarantees of rigor regarding the execution and exploitation.

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